HWY 400 Crash (#WTFUA)Okay, I have to say this.

I’ve been stewing on it for weeks now and I gotta get it off my chest.   All you “freemen” out there who believe you can and should be allowed to do whatever you want “so long as you don’t harm anyone” need to Wake The Fuck Up Already (#WTFUA).

You all like to run around driving like morons and just because you don’t get into accidents yourself you feel that you’ve done nothing wrong. I see it all day long as a professional driver; people cutting in and out of traffic, no signals, speeding excessively for the flow of traffic and even trying to cut inside big rigs in traffic circles like you think I’m gonna go into the ditch so you can get to work early. NOT!!! (#WTFUA)

The Trigger to Vent

What really gets me pissed about this is a comment made by another driver yesterday. He said “I wonder what new bullshit regulations they’re gonna put on us now because of that accident the day before yesterday”. I hadn’t heard about the accident yet but I knew of one that closed the 401 for hours near Cambridge involving 2 semis and a dump truck four days earlier. Fortunately in that one the only person killed was the moron who caused it so he won’t be repeating that stupid mistake any time soon.

There was an accident, and you may know of it, that closed the 400 hwy near Barrie for 2 days and the Northbound lanes are still closed as I write this it was closed for 3 days and the asphalt is in questionable condition). It involved 15 vehicles, 2 tankers (that exploded) and at least three deaths.

In fact, the 401 between Guelph and Cambridge has been closed 4 times and once by Tillbury that I know of just in the past 3 weeks. All of them due to bad driving habits and not paying proper attention to what’s going on around the vehicle. That to me is unacceptable as we haven’t even seen a snowflake yet. What’s the winter going to be like?

The Excuse to Grab Control

Now I’m bitching about this because EVERY TIME something like this happens the “government” implements new regulations. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But they’re just scribbles on paper that I don’t have to pay any attention to because “government” can’t tell me what to do. You said so yourself with McKinney v. U of Guelph and s. 32 of the Charter.”

Well you’re right and your wrong. The dicktaters are calling we who are Anarchonists and freedom seekers terrorists because of these actions. They know that we scare the people around us when we act like this. Even those who aren’t seeking real change, Libertarians, Minarchists, Consititutionalists, etc., who act like idiots with potentially deadly weapons (vehicles) are terrorizing those around them AND the mass majority want SOMEONE to do SOMETHING to stop it. Hence, more regulations, more enforcement of them, and less freedom as a whole. (#WTFUA)

THEN, after you’ve been stopped and ticketed for your immature actions, YOU want to know how to win in court. YOU say stupid things like “I refuse to be recognized by a legal name” or “I’m a free man/woman. I don’t have to do as they tell me to do.” but YOU have no internal governance. (#WTFUA)

Anarchy doesn’t mean “no rules”

Anarchy doesn’t mean “no rules” as everyone likes to say but rather “no EXTERNAL rulers”. To achieve this one MUST have INTERNAL rulership and PERSONAL responsibility to the Laws of the Universe. Key to this is the Law of “Cause and Effect”. Your actions ALL  have a reaction, Newton’s Third Law of Physics says this as well.

Every time you act like an Ass, something around you is being negatively affected. It may be the truck that has to brake and thus the flow of traffic is affected or it may be that someone tries to evade you and crashes and burns like earlier this week on the 400.

You can never know what those dumb ass maneuvers you’re making in your car will result in so STOP DOING THEM. (#WTFUA)

Internal Monarchy, The Only Way To Real Freedom

Unless and until people take full responsibility for their actions INTERNALLY, what Mark Passio calls Internal Monarchy, we have NO HOPE of ever seeing external Anarchy or Freedom. (#WTFUA)

Your actions must be controlled and regulated and if you won’t do it, someone else will. That is the foundation of “government”, and the tyranny that we find ourselves in today. I’ve been seeing it all my life. People won’t stop drinking and driving so the “government” steps in and starts regulating and fining and increasing the penalties because people won’t act responsibly. Running stop signs and red lights, driving erratically and speeding excessively; these are just examples and because in the past people have become less self governed the police state and tyrannical maniacs have responded with more and more external controls to the point where they feel they now have the right to tell you when you can fart or when you can take a day off work.

It’s gotten out of control and it’s NOT being done TO you, it’s being done BY you because you won’t govern yourself and as a result we ALL suffer from it.

Ya, ya. “It’s the global agenda, read Agenda 21, it says it right in there.” Well they may have been planning this for a long time but it NEVER could’ve happened if YOU didn’t give them cause to implement it. And the masses don’t care about Agenda 21 so long as they get to live without fear of your terrorizing them all the time.

When freedom seekers actually wake up and realize that lack of internal governance is the key tool that tyrants use to gain ground on their agendas and stop asking for less external control via “more responsible government” or “smaller government that obeys the constitution”, or some other dumb bullshit like that then THERE CAN BE NO HOPE to end the police state and tyranny that is ALREADY here. The police state isn’t “coming”, it’s been here and constantly growing for decades now, and all these stupid little things like the accidents over the past month are what is supporting and causing it to be ABLE to grow.

The Progression

Firearms “accidents” in the ’70s brought gun control to Canada; Drinking and Driving introduced road side seizures of automobiles; and dead kids from overdoses brought in the Drug Prohibition regulations; all within the last 3 decades of the 20th century. The fact is that they needed a “catalyst” as the mass majority of people still wouldn’t agree to the giant leap they took in the final months of 2001. That’s why the events of 11 September 2001 happened. It wasn’t just random. It was planned, and the irresponsible actions of the people set the stage for it.


The ground work was laid by the lack of Self-governance that wreaks in this society NOT by carefully planned “government” actions. Grow up. Take control of YOURSELF first, and THEN maybe we have a hope in ending this slavery. Stop supporting the troops (and police), they’re mass murderers and the “sharp end of the stick” for those psychopaths. Stop giving them excuses by acting foolishly toward those around you. Set the example, learn that Anarchony is the only real hope for true freedom, and become a beacon of truth to the masses around you. Only then can we hope to be free and NOT before.

– The Esoteric Anarchist

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I have over 10 years experience assisting people at looking at their problems and shifting focus so that they can begin to resolve the issues at hand. I don't "practice" psychological principles or homeopathic disciplines, I actually help real people learn how to shift their focus and see things in a different light. A light where they have the power and ability to resolve their issues practically and successfully.
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  1. whats the diff between morons with a license and one with out?

  2. People are ruled by fear, shame, guilt and belittlement… Solwely i am starting to understand that to rule effectively those bunch of stupid people around is to enforce some sort of regulations, otherwise our order of this dumb society will be in a mess… You cant both bumb down society and educate them in proper manner at same time and expect them to behave accordigly.

    The only effective way to create an order in most fields is to effect masses is to trigger their senses, ptreventing them from their certain actions.

    Reason why threre are all these conditioning movies and documentaries exist to begin with, where police act as if they are authority and we should be afraid of them. Adnd it works…


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