Freeman on the Land and Logical Fallacy

If two negatives make a positive ... Logical FallacyI’ll admit that, like most freedom seekers, I looked into Freeman on the Land ideologies and listened to many of the reasonably local leaders and teachers. Guys like Robert Menard, Dean Clifford, and a man who calls himself “Eternally Aware”. I’ve looked into the Solutions In Commerce folks and listened to a lot of Winston Shrout too. What I’ve found with them is one Logical Fallacy after another and consistent losses when it counts.

I’ve questioned them when possible, I’ve watched YouTube videos of these people in courts and I’ve consistently requested for any and all evidence they have to support their claims. The responses were typical of people who are filled with biases, lack the knowledge and awareness of Logical Fallacies, and the ability to reason.

I’m not saying that these people are stupid. I’m not saying that they lack the desire to learn Truth. I’m not even implying any negativity towards these people on any mental capacity to learn new things. I AM criticizing these people on their ability to use logic and reason, much of which is due to the probability that they’ve never been taught how to think and reason. They’ve probably never been taught what a bias or Logical Fallacy really even is.

This is not from a lack of knowledge as the information is out there but rather from ignorance and their unwillingness to look into things that can teach them HOW to think and not WHAT to think. It’s from being lazy and accepting the quickest solution they can find. It’s caused from their own biases that they don’t even see within themselves.

When one talks about “the straw man” and the “corporate person” and asks for their evidence they simply reply, “do your research”. That means to them “go watch YouTube videos. YouTube isn’t a legal dictionary. It isn’t a reliable source as anyone can put up anything they want on there. YouTube is an open video site where anyone can express anything they like. Many of these ideologies are wholly tainted with biases.

For one to be successful in court you don’t need cut and paste documents or “repeat after me” statements. What you need is to understand what a Logical Fallacy is and how to defeat them. Courts are typically filled with fallacies that are never opposed and adding more will do you no good. You can learn these things by reading about them online here. Or you can download a copy of 42 Fallacies by Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere here.

Dr. LaBossiere’s book is totally free and not only lists the fallacies but also provides explanations and examples. It’s clear and concise and I highly recommend it for education and reference. I think once you learn these two things, biases and fallacies you’ll discover how the lack of knowledge is the greatest hindrance to true freedom from tyranny.

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