The Mark of the Beast?

It’s been a bit since I posted last as I’ve been busy with other matters. For those who like to read my dialogues I apologize. For those who tried to spam my site with false names and addresses I don’t. For those who wrote in and requested my advise I … Continue reading

The TaxMan Cometh

Here we are again in April and the taxman expects everyone to have their tax returns filed by the middle of this month. What a stupid idea that is. If you work for someone who has taken taxes off of your pay then I can accept that you want as … Continue reading

Support our Troops

That’s an interesting demand isn’t it? Support OUR troops. The whole time I served in the military in a defensive role for the land I live on no one ever said support me. This term didn’t exist when I signed up in 1983. I don’t recall it existing when I … Continue reading