I want you to look at the picture above. You probably already have but I want you to think about what it says. Do you see it? It's all a matter of perspective. It says either "God is No Where" or "God is Now Here". It's all a matter of perspective. Now consider your problems.

If you are suffering from personal issues, no matter what they are, I am here to assist you get through this rough time in your life. From attacks by psychopaths to personal errors in decisions, I can help you get better than a "feel good" result that most therapists strive toward. Instead I assist you in creating real solutions to your problems and help you walk through the fire to be stronger and have a better life than you can imagine today.

I have over 10 years experience assisting people at looking at their problems and shifting focus so that they can begin to resolve the issues at hand. I don't "practice" psychological principles or homoeopathic disciplines, I actually help real people learn how to shift their focus and see things in a different light. A light where they have the power and ability to resolve their issues practically and successfully.

I have assisted people of all ages from teens with depression to adults with relationship or legal problems. The issue is never the specifics of the problem but rather the perspective of the individual and how they respond and act on the situation at hand. Regardless of the exact problem you are facing I am willing and able to help you shift your perspective and learn how to move forward in your life towards the goals that you seek.

I don't have set or typical hours as my services are offered online for your convenience. You can even meet with me in your pajamas if that makes you fell more comfortable. For more information or to request a meeting just go to my contact page and send me a note. I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able and we can begin working toward a better you today.

Rob Smith

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