I Had A Dream

I had a dreamI had a dream last night …

I had a dream last night and in this dream I was driving along the highway in my truck enjoying the view of the world around me that only being 4 feet higher than common traffic provides. In the not too distant fore right I saw a pond. The kind of pond that makes one itch to get out and fish it. As I approached the land on foot I saw a group of simple folk, farmer types, perhaps Mennonite but not quite if you know what I mean.

I walked closer with my granddaughter beside me, fishing pole in one hand, worms and tackle in the other. An older gentleman gestured toward the water offering us to try our luck. We caught a few small fish and returned them to the water when rumors and rumblings of a great fish that had a hunger that couldn’t be quenched was at the western bay and we were sure to catch it if we fished over there.

A Great Leviathan

As we approached the bay we saw a strange shadowy figure swimming in the water. It was larger than most of the other fish, deformed in that it swam on its side like a flounder but was colored and shaped more like an ancient leviathan. The oddity of it’s figure and size hypnotized and made one desire to investigate further.

Upon casting toward the beast it took the bait quickly and fought well. causing us to require effort but not so hard as to break free which it was obviously large enough to do with the light tackle we were using. Upon landing the creature its form appeared more awesome and terrifying than it appeared in the water. It’s teeth were too large to retrieve the hook so I cut the line to let it free.

It was too aggressive to return to the water, flopping and nashing at everything around it. Laying on it’s side attempting to attack it began to morph into a larger creature. Soon it was a great crocodile tempting and coaxing my granddaughter to play with it. Realizing the obvious danger of a small child playing with such a great and hungry beast I led her away behind a wall where others were watching what was going on.

A Retreat

The wall appeared like a small stone fence as we approached it but upon arriving behind it and meeting with the others it appeared more like the inside of an old stone building from the other side. I looked out one of the windows with my black puppy in hand. The water began rising and was soon to overtake what appeared to be the second story windows of the building.

As the water approached the sill I opened it and put my puppy outside to protect us from the beast. It braved the challenge as a mighty guard dog until I closed the window to keep the water outside. At that point it disappeared in the waters as they engulfed the window and the beast could be seen swimming past.

An Awakening Within the Dream

The realization came upon me as the others all stared on that while a dog may be a good pet and may protect a family from thieves and robbers, it stands no chance against such a great beast as a crocodile that continued to grow in length and girth. I decided that despite the potential risk at hand I would again open the window, risking the flooding of the waters and the entering of the beast to retrieve the dog and face the matterĀ  myself.

As I opened the window oddly no water entered the house. In fact as the window was opened enough to retrieve the dog it rescinded to the bottom edge of the sill where my dog was sitting as a puppy looking at me as if confused and querying why I would have risked his life against such beast as was in the lake. Upon picking up the puppy and handing it to my granddaughter behind me I saw the folks around walk away as the walls of the house faded out of existence.

The Solution

Upon turning to face the beast as it entered the window there once again was just a small stone wall dividing and keeping us from falling into the waters. The great beast had gone back to the depths from whence it came and the surroundings returned to normal. The peaceful folk returned to their work and my granddaughter and I returned to the truck with the puppy in her hands.

Author’s Note:

As to the meaning of this dream I will leave it for you to interpret. I was an actual dream that I had last night and post here for all who read and are wise to gain from it’s lessons and to preserve for as long as is able.

– Rob

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I have over 10 years experience assisting people at looking at their problems and shifting focus so that they can begin to resolve the issues at hand. I don't "practice" psychological principles or homeopathic disciplines, I actually help real people learn how to shift their focus and see things in a different light. A light where they have the power and ability to resolve their issues practically and successfully.
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