Legal vs Law

Legal vs Law -The Question Lately I’ve come under attack again because of my opinions and advice regarding how one should conduct themselves in court. Mostly regarding the “legal name” issue in my video Do NOT refuse to be recognized as a legal person in court. Most of the attacks … Continue reading

Support our Troops

That’s an interesting demand isn’t it? Support OUR troops. The whole time I served in the military in a defensive role for the land I live on no one ever said support me. This term didn’t exist when I signed up in 1983. I don’t recall it existing when I … Continue reading

I am not Black and You are Not White.

Actually I am not White would be more appropriate but I saw this video and thought that this man has true wisdom that needs to be shared.  He’s right.  I’m not white.  I more pinkish than white and he is more brown than black but that is mere trivialities to … Continue reading