I Do Not Consent

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I do not consent.  It’s like I wanna scream “No Shit, Shirlock!!!” The fact is that they don’t care and the alleged “consent of the governed” is bullshit. If you are still seeking the truth then you aren’t opening your eyes because my 6 year old granddaughter knows the truth.

It’s simple.

The truth is that NO ONE has the RIGHT to tell you what to do or how to do it if you AREN’T harming anyone else!!!! People talk a lot of shit about this and they like to fantasize about a better world but I’ve yet to find ONE PERSON who is willing to do what is FACTUALLY required to accomplish a true world of peace and love. What is required you may ask.

Force is NOT Violence

According to all “teachings” of creation, Force brought the Universe into existence. It could be that God “Spoke” it into being or that some great Gyrananute farted it into existence. How it happened is irrelevant compared to the self evidence that it DID happen and it happened by force. It didn’t happen by violence as supposedly there was nothing else around to violate in order to force existence. It just forcefully came into existence and no “one” else was violated to make it happen. If that statement confuses you then you don’t even  understand the difference between forces like gravity and violence which is what police and military forces thrive off of.

The Right To Use Force

Everyone has the inherent, unalienable right to defend themselves. That is “self evident” and if you require masters to write it down then I can show you where they have admitted to that fact. That is IF you are so enslaved mentally that you need your master to state that you are permitted to protect your self. If you are capable of knowing that self preservation is obvious then you know that “I do not consent” is not only presumed but an imperative that the “powers that be” could give a shit about. If they cared then they wouldn’t recruit and support such psychopaths as are in the video above.

So What’s The Solution?

I recently heard that a cop got stabbed in the throat by a man who wanted to buy a handgun. When I asked what the cop did to deserve being stabbed all I was told is “he was a cop”. When I pressed I was told “the guy wanted to buy a gun”. None of these statements make sense unless you conclude that an individual wanting to pursue a harmless and innocent transaction was being oppressed by the violence of “law”. In which case one could only assume, in the absence of full details, that the stabber was merely protecting his rights. Probably even defending himself from violent assault from state owned dogs.


I’m not supporting nor attempting to promote violence. I abhor such activities as I AM an anarchonist who believes in peace and love and the teachings of the “Christ”. With that being said, no one should ever accept dictatorial “leadership” where someone else is controlling your body and mind. Everyone has the right to forcefully oppose ANY AND ALL oppression from outside themselves. This is the lesson I teach my children and this is the lesson I pray all people hold as the key to peace and freedom above all other teachings of war and hatred.

– Rob

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I have over 10 years experience assisting people at looking at their problems and shifting focus so that they can begin to resolve the issues at hand. I don't "practice" psychological principles or homeopathic disciplines, I actually help real people learn how to shift their focus and see things in a different light. A light where they have the power and ability to resolve their issues practically and successfully.
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