I Do Not Consent

[jwplayer mediaid=”1339″] I do not consent.  It’s like I wanna scream “No Shit, Shirlock!!!” The fact is that they don’t care and the alleged “consent of the governed” is bullshit. If you are still seeking the truth then you aren’t opening your eyes because my 6 year old granddaughter knows … Continue reading

Big Brother and the Named Person in Scotland

THE NAMED PERSON IN SCOTLAND WHAT IS THE NAMED PERSON SCHEME? Parliament has already passed legislation to appoint a Named Person in Scotland for every child under 18. A Named Person is a state official tasked with looking after a child’s “well-being”. This is a fancy way of saying their … Continue reading

The Mark of the Beast?

It’s been a bit since I posted last as I’ve been busy with other matters. For those who like to read my dialogues I apologize. For those who tried to spam my site with false names and addresses I don’t. For those who wrote in and requested my advise I … Continue reading

The TaxMan Cometh

Here we are again in April and the taxman expects everyone to have their tax returns filed by the middle of this month. What a stupid idea that is. If you work for someone who has taken taxes off of your pay then I can accept that you want as … Continue reading

Support our Troops

That’s an interesting demand isn’t it? Support OUR troops. The whole time I served in the military in a defensive role for the land I live on no one ever said support me. This term didn’t exist when I signed up in 1983. I don’t recall it existing when I … Continue reading