Legal vs Law

Legal vs Law -The Question Lately I’ve come under attack again because of my opinions and advice regarding how one should conduct themselves in court. Mostly regarding the “legal name” issue in my video Do NOT refuse to be recognized as a legal person in court. Most of the attacks … Continue reading

I Do Not Consent

[jwplayer mediaid=”1339″] I do not consent.  It’s like I wanna scream “No Shit, Shirlock!!!” The fact is that they don’t care and the alleged “consent of the governed” is bullshit. If you are still seeking the truth then you aren’t opening your eyes because my 6 year old granddaughter knows … Continue reading

How to Win in Court – Default Judgment

There are many true and fictitious means of winning in court spread throughout the internet.  There is the Solutions in Commerce folks who claim everything is commerce.  There’s the Loose the Name people who claim that using a name or spelling it in all capitals grants jurisdiction to the court … Continue reading

Fuck Da Police!!!

Yesterday started in an interesting way that really pissed me off.  My girlfriend texted me just as I arrived at work and informed me that she had been stopped by the cops on her way into work at 4 a.m.  If you know me then you know that this pissed … Continue reading