The Mark of the Beast?

It’s been a bit since I posted last as I’ve been busy with other matters. For those who like to read my dialogues I apologize. For those who tried to spam my site with false names and addresses I don’t. For those who wrote in and requested my advise I … Continue reading

Support our Troops

That’s an interesting demand isn’t it? Support OUR troops. The whole time I served in the military in a defensive role for the land I live on no one ever said support me. This term didn’t exist when I signed up in 1983. I don’t recall it existing when I … Continue reading

The Truth Behind The Crown

Many people talk about the law and legal matters mentioning common-law and old, almost ancient, scripts.  Scripts like the Magna Carta and the decision of the Pope to declare that he possesses all souls on earth.  They refer to these documents with disgust in some cases and reverence in others … Continue reading

Black Friday

As I write this we’re in the middle of the 2014 Black Friday weekend and people are sending “where Black Friday came from” posts around Facebook.  I’ve even heard the term “Cyber Monday” as the final day of the weekend for the first time this year, whatever that’s suppose to … Continue reading